Who we are

Our mission is to promote and demonstrate a lifestyle that reflects the heart of the outdoors, understands the core of hunting, and embraces God’s creation by gathering individuals passionate about duck hunting and deer hunting in order to preserve the distinct lifestyle we wouldn’t trade anything for. We are Conservative men that defend truth and protect the tradition of our country upbringing. We are Outdoorsmen.

Being an Outdoorsman is about so much more than the kill and I believe each and every one of you can attest to that. Yes, the harvest is memorable and certainly the goal behind why we go, but the friendships, experiences, stories, opportunities, and connections with God through his Creation make hunting what it is.

We’ve spent years dreaming and researching on making this a reality and now that it is actually coming to fruition, we are extremely excited and want you to be a part of it with us. Your participation in representing the brand can help further the future success of Duck & Bone and impact the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us.